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At the last performance of his dance school, Edvin, a young dancer can't appreciate the applauds together with his ensemble. His father has recently passed away and has left a void in his heart. But by talking to his grandma he can reminisce about the past and is reminded that no one is really gone as long as their memory lives on inside you. "BLANK SPACE" is a movie that contemplates how loss and grief can overtake you but also act as a transformative force in the creation of an artist.

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Alvin Lindblom is a Director from Northern Sweden. He’s been active since 2018 and with a background as a stills photographer he has worked on several different commercial and content productions as well as with big names in the Swedish entertainment industry. He debuted as a director with a music video for SYLVE together with Suicide Zero (Låtsas Som Inget Hänt) under 2019 and since then he has done work for artists such as Miriam Bryant, Thomas Stenström, Newkid and so on. During the autumn of 2021 he started working on his debut short movie “BLANK SPACE” which is a tribute to his father who passed away earlier the same year. Alvin's vision is to keep creating beautiful stories with meaning and that creates thought and reflection.


I want to draw attention to the emptiness you feel after a loved one has passed away, break-up or a separation. How the blank space left by someone can feel limitless. But in that space there lies the reverberations of that person, which can act as a catalyst for you to reach out of that void and achive greatness.

The expriance of someone close to me passing away has change me as a filmmaker - and my hope is that this film can express how loss always can be a creative engine in the .making of an artist For me “BLANK SPACE” is a tribute to my father who passed away in 2021

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Sebastian Martinez is a Swedish filmmaker and producer with roots in the Stockholm suburb of Solna. He studied at The Media Institute of Stockholm and has a degree as a film producer. In 2016, he produced the film "City Boys", which deals with rape culture in Stockholm's inner city schools, which has been shown and lectured about in various educational contexts and received media attention. He has since continued to develop TV series, films and produce music videos and content for artists such as Latin Kings, Kartellen, Yung Lean, Dotter and Darin as well as directed various commercials for global companies. During 2021, he competed with the short films "The Blue Dress" and "Call Mom" at several short film festivals as a director & Producer. He is also one of the Founders of the production Company ON NOX PICTURES

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Story & Director: Alvin Lindblom @alvinliindblom

Producer: Sebastian Martinez @sebastianmartinez

Prod company: ON NOX PICTURES @onnoxpictures



DOP: Eric Ivar Persson @ericivarpersson

1st AC: Charlie Jensen @charlie.jansn

Camera assistant: Jacob Hansson @jacob_hansson

Gaffer: Erik Sundström @erikbror

Line producer: Leolina silkeberg @educastration

FAD: Vilhelmina jacobson @vilhelminajacobson

SAD: Klara Lindgren @k.lindgrn

Script supervisor: Emma Larsson @eemlarsson

Set designer: William Plante @w_plante

Sound: EARON / Martin Lindbergh @martin_lindbergh

MUA: Lara Mustafa @laramahmed10

Wardrobe: Klara Teneberg @klarateneberg &

Emelie M Nilsson @emelienlsson



Edit: Alvin Lindblom @alvinliindblom

Sound Mix: Magnus Wallin @magnuswallin

VFX: Albin larsson @albinl

Colorist: Thamer Alzaidi @thameralzaidi_colorist

Graphics: Alfred Jäärf @alfred.jrf



Composer: Amanda Karström @amandakarstrom

Producer: Teodor wolgers @teodorwolgers



Victor Persson @victorpersson

Siw Erixon @siwerixon

Conny J Kristiansson @connyacting

Jakob Barsoum @Carolbarsoum

Victor Lenas @victorlenasjacobsson


Leo varsky @leo.var2ky

Johanna Leora @johanna__leora

Juan Carlson @juancarlsons

Nova Hellman @novahellmans

Marina Nyström @marina_svala

Dennis Lennartsson @dennis.lennartsson


Thanks too

Film Västernorrland @filmvasternorrland

Anders Justin

Göta Lejon @gotalejon


Special thanks too

Dagsljus Filmequipment @dagsljusgroup

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