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En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac (Official Trailer)

En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac (Official Trailer)

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Moonica mac is an artist that reaches into her soul, and finds a steadfast trust in the final victory of the good in humanity. This uncompromising trust in love, she crafts into honest musical poetry and invites anyone willing to listen, into her hopeful embrace. 

The film is not the conventional portrayal of the artists body of work, a showcase of her live performances or analysis of the personal aspects of artistic practices. but a love letter to art´s ability to unite us into a community. It is about how the intention of the artist is resonated in her audience lifestories, and how living with her music becomes a vow: To believe and trust that the common love we can create together, is what unites us as a human community, 

And this upright trust in humanity's capacity to overcome our animosities through true love, is a calling to us that true love will set us free.

En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac

Straight out of Dalarna, Sweden, Moonica turns her life philosophy, feelings & reflections into music that hits home. With Macen, it's not just about the artistry; it's about capturing the raw emotions of love to the rollercoaster ride, we call a life. 


Her songs have a touch oft The Swedish melancholy — the kind that echoes in your head on a long trip home, making you feel all the feels. The love for our solem relationship with our local nature, her dog friends, and savoring life's simple action of love. It's this heartwarming blend that spills over into her music, making her tunes feel like a warm blanket or an open fire on a chilly evening. 


Moonica's tracks are like beacons in the night, meant to draw in anyone searching for a song that reflects life's twists and turns. She pours her soul into her music, creating anthems for the quiet moments when you're searching for a human connection or just a break from the chaos in the world. Her music is your go-to sanctuary, where the door's always open and the record's always spinning, ready to add a bit of magic to a mundane world with a prophets confidence that the forces of good ultimately will prevail.

En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
Alvin Lindblom

Alvin Lindblom, is a Director from Sundsvall, who since 2018 has been carving an unconventional path with his artistic practice and goal to create something truthfully genuine. Cutting his teeth as a stills photographer, he has brought his keen mind & eye for what's authentic to all kinds of commercial shoots.


IN 2019 Alvin sat down confidently in the director's chair starting with a stirring music video for SYLVE's "Låtsas Som Inget Hänt," in partnership with the suicide prevention NGO:  Suicide Zero — as a upright directors debut that sets the tone for his artistic goals. Following that, his creative vision has led him into different projects in collaboration with some of Sweden's biggest talent, each project stamped with his signature style of striving for the genuine in visual storytelling. 


Alvin's personal and most poignant work to date, the short film "BLANK SPACE," was released in the fall of 2021 as an homage to his deceased father. It's a piece that not only showcases his directorial practice but also offers a glimpse into his ability to turn genuine personal grief into a universal story. 


Alvin is on an artistic mission to create films that strike a chord in the heart of any human, the stories that stir the soul and sparks the match that leads you to truly think freely, and giving us the confidence to make a decision to live more truthfully.  


His upcoming works include the eagerly awaited "En liten stund med Moonica Mac," hitting theaters on December 14th, 2023, and he's currently developing a feature film, "1879." It's a historical drama about a young person from Sundsvallm caught up in the upheaval of one of Sweden's original industrial labor strikes — a testament to his goals of trusting in the value of being genuinely passionate and grounded in the labor of love that is filmmaking.  


Music's capacity to forge deep connections is at the heart of human experience, and Moonica Mac's tunes crystallize this beautifully. Her songs act as a bridge between her own narrative and the universal stories of her listeners, creating a powerful bond with her audience. 


In this film, I've aimed to capture the magnetic pull of Moonica Mac's music, focusing on the electrifying moment of her first concert following the corona pandemic. It's a scene where the hum of anticipation dissolves into a remarkable, shared experience, spotlighting Moonica's unique ability to touch the hearts of her fans. 


Moonica Mac's music serves as a beacon, drawing in listeners with its authenticity and relatability. This film is a journey into the ways her music reflects the collective journey of her fans. It's a celebration of the intangible threads that connect her to the crowd, the unseen yet felt kinship that her music weaves among those who listen. Through this project, I aim to illustrate that while our lives are individual, music—especially Moonica's—has the remarkable ability to highlight our shared humanity. It's in the resonance of her music where fans find their reflections, their emotions, and their stories. 


Moonica's bond with her audience is profound; she doesn't just perform for them, she connects with them, sharing in the common tapestry of human emotion and experience. Her music, her presence, her authenticity—everything about her resonates with anyone who listens, creating not just a following, but a community, a family. 


This film is a tribute to that connection, a visual poem that celebrates the silent, yet potent conversations between Moonica Mac and those who now and in the future will find solace & inspiration and joy in her music.

En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac


Artist: Moonica Mac @moonicamac

Director: Alvin Lindblom @alvinliindblom 

Producers: Sebastian Martinez @sebastianmartinez

& Leolina Silkeberg @educastration

Executive Producers: Lotta Carlson & Shire Raghe

Creative Producer: Shire Raghe @realshireraghe

Prod company: ON NOX PICTURES @onnoxpictures

In association with: All Things Live @allthingslivese


DOP: Viktor Annerstål @viktor.annerstal

Camera operators: 

Viktor Annerstål @viktor.annerstal

David Martinez @david_maartineez

Linus Larsson @linusphotos

Alvin Lindblom @alvinliindblom

Douglas Lewin @douglaslewin

Felix Lundquist @felix_lundquist

Liv Lindqvist @liivsliv

Sound: Jonas Goldmann @jonasgoldmann

PA: Felix Lundquist @felix_lundquist

& Liv Lindqvist @liivsliv

Produktion All Thing Live

Project manager: Elin Bolmstrand

Agent: Jonas Pernholm @jonasperna

Manager: Kelley Archer 

Set design: Lisa Brolander

Set design assistent: Eric Karlsson

MUA: Mika Hedström @hedstorma

Stylist: Henrika Bonn @henrikabonn

Sound engineer: Martin Chandra @martinchandra

Light Design: Caroline Lundblad

Stage Manager: Anders Nyberg


Edit: Alvin Lindblom @alvinliindblom

& Sebastian Martinez @sebastianmartinez

Sound design & mix: Plan 8 (Magnus Wallin) @magnuswallin

Grade: Miles Lembke @miles.lembke

Trailer: August Alnestig

Poster: Linda Olofsson


Music by: Moonica Mac @moonicamac

Musicians: Teodor Wolgers @teodorwolgers 

& Hannes Hasselberg @hanneshassel

Distribution: Cinecct Sweden @cinecct


Moonica Mac @moonicamac

Uraz Silifkeli @theuraz

Fhanny Lantz @fhampan

Josefine Axén

Annie Johansson

Thanks too:

Dagsljus Filmequipment @dagsljusgroup

Ljud och bildmedia @ljudbildmedia

Södra teatern @sodra_teatern

En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
En Liten Stund Med Moonica Mac
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